Press Release

Dear Mayor Suthers & City Council,


     I am Karl Dent, a candidate for sheriff of El Paso County.  CO Rev Stat § 30-10-512 (2016) mandates that the Sheriff act as fire warden for all unincorporated areas of the county.

     I am writing you because I am concerned for the citizens of Colorado Springs as a result of the Marshall Fire in Boulder County, I urged the City of Colorado Springs to not delay any further action on passing the CET - Public Safety Ordinance.


     I understand that this plan is up for review by February 7th, 2022, as a candidate for Sheriff, I believe we have a duty and a responsibility to protect our citizens, any loss of life due to Wildland Fire, Wildland Urban Fire or any other fire is one life too many and will be negligence on the part of our government if failure to act accordingly, I am noting that this will be a direct breach of trust to the citizen of Colorado Springs and El Paso County. I respectfully request that you:


  •      Pass the CET-Public Safety Ordinance which mandates:


  •  that every resident can look up their clearance evacuation by address on a website that every resident can look up and print their evacuation route maps, plural emphasized, for hazards coming from all 4 cardinal directions.


  •   that developers and the city must conduct clearance evacuation impact analyzes both the site location as well as the larger impact of the district.

  •   that problems with the impact must be mitigated (i.e. configuration/design changes or added egress). 

  •   that current CETs will be established.

  •   that adequate egress exists or is created.


  •     Begin conducting city-wide custom traffic evacuation studies every 5 years.


  •      Keep those studies fresh and current by implementing the usage of the FREE FLEET evacuation modeling software and report our clearance evacuation times to us as well as publish the route maps for various scenarios in the event of a wildfire or other emergencies.


Our safety should be your number one concern. We elected you to vote in our best interests.




///Originally Signed\\\

Karl O'Brian Dent Sr. JM, LU School of Law

Candidate El Paso County Sheriff